B&M service technician conducting inspections at an industrial facility's refrigeration and production cooling system.

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If unplanned downtime and compromised quality of production are zero tolerance for you and your organization, Black & McDonald shares your vision. Efficiency and cost of production are critical and they include ensuring your outcomes are measured, improved and considered in all actions and decisions. We will work for and with you to meet your objectives.

Increased regulatory and safety requirements and objectives have businesses seeking a single-source service provider that can manage and meet these needs efficiently and with best in class in mind. Black & McDonald is that key resource for industrial refrigeration and production cooling maintenance, service and installation in addition to all of our other facility delivery solutions.

We have specialized expertise in all major trades, and a strong track record of success in industrial manufacturing, including food and beverage production and storage as well as recreational ammonia refrigeration across Canada. We can provide a one-stop solution for chillers, towers, compressors, dehumidification, humidity control, steam and hot water boilers, and production burners.

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You believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. That solutions should be made to last. That being part of a team means working not just for oneself but for one another. That’s how we operate too. At Black & McDonald, we’re on a mission to do work and build relationships that stand the test of time.