Black & McDonald's plaque with core values

Our Founder’s Code of Business Continues to Guide Us.

W.J. McDonald had a vision for how he wanted the company to operate and grow and he established a Code of Business that guides our organization to this day.

In August 1991, in his 104th year, he reiterated these beliefs:

  • Do the job right regardless
  • Talk to the customers regularly, confirm their satisfaction
  • Make the price fair and reasonable
  • A deal is a good one only when it is good for both parties
  • Live up to your promises
  • Treat employees with respect
  • Complete jobs promptly
  • Invoice promptly, fairly, and in detail

We honour and respect W.J.’s beliefs through our current expression of Black & McDonald’s values:

  • Live and work safely
  • Do it right
  • Always improve
  • Work for one another
  • Build enduring customer relationships
  • Enable people to flourish
B&M's code of business established by the founder
A group of B&M's construction workers in the field

Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct cover page for Black & McDonald

People: Our Strength,
Our Future.

“The Black & McDonald Way” is the company’s ongoing initiative ensuring that both management and employees live up to the company’s core values.

It is, in effect, a reciprocal promise between employee commitment and management support, focused on six key areas:

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Excellence
  • Planned Growth and Profitability
  • Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Employee Satisfaction and Succession
  • Community Responsibility







“The Black & McDonald Way” trains, trusts and empowers our employees to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.

Group photo of the Emerging Leaders Program batch of 2019 at Black & McDonald
The official B&M Way Logo
B&M's project managers operating and maintaining an airport facility

Who We Are

From our humble start in 1921 as residential electrical wiring contractors, Black & McDonald has grown to multiple lines of business with over 6,500 employees working out of 40+ offices.

B&M's electrical & mechanical contractor logo from the 1920's on the truck

Black & McDonald Story

Black & McDonald was founded in 1921 as a partnership between William John (W.J.) McDonald and William R. Black, and was primarily engaged in simple residential electrical wiring.

B&M project engineers at a turbine base construction site discussing progress

Health, Safety & Environment

At Black & McDonald, excellence in Health, Safety and Environment is inherent in how we do business in all aspects of our operations.

Black & McDonald data and networking technician conducting an inspection and quality check


Quality has always been a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and services available.

B&M employees and their families at a CSR event planting trees

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Do it right” is a Black & McDonald core value, and that belief extends beyond project work into our interaction and integration with the communities and stakeholders we serve.

A fleet of service trucks from B&M's affiliate Entera Utility Contractors

Subsidiaries & Affiliates

The Black & McDonald family of companies includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries and affiliated companies across Canada and the United States.

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