Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

As a fundamental component of an integrated Facility Services solution, Black & McDonald offers comprehensive cleaning services designed to fulfill your facility’s strategic goals, prioritizing sustainability, safety, and wellness.

Our approach combines thoughtful strategy, extensive experience, and unwavering customer support to provide tailored, outcomes-driven janitorial programs across diverse client sectors.

Partnering with us means gaining access to performance-based cleaning services, delivered by Commercial Cleaning Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Black & McDonald. Ranging from routine to restorative cleaning, our services support your operations by enhancing aesthetics, preserving facility assets, and contributing to occupant wellness.

Every day, we service millions of square feet with verified safe and sustainable work practices, creating clean, healthy spaces. Excellence across all aspects of our service delivery is assured through our accredited Health & Safety Program and certified capabilities in service delivery (Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Buildings) and quality management (ISO 9001).