B&M fleet car from the 1920's

A Proud Heritage.
A Promising Future.

In 1921, World War I veterans William R. Black and William “W.J.” McDonald formed Black & McDonald, an electrical contractor that provided wiring services to residences and small businesses.

From the outset, the founders were committed to performing a quality service at a fair price and to treating people respectfully. They enjoyed success together in the Toronto area over the ensuing two decades. Following the death of his partner in 1946, W.J. took the modest enterprise forward on his own and was eventually joined by his two sons John and Bill during the 1950s.

By the early 1970s, Black & McDonald was a coast-to-coast company with a national network of Canadian offices and a service offering in the commercial and industrial sectors that included electrical contracting, mechanical contracting, sheet metal fabrication, HVAC and refrigeration maintenance and repair, and utility contracting. As the company continued to grow, we extended our services through the entire building lifecycle with the addition of design engineering and facility management & operations capabilities. Our geographic expansion into the United States began in the 1990s with Black & McDonald’s entry into the US utility construction and asset management market in Kansas City.

Today, owned and led by the third generation of the McDonald family, the Black & McDonald Group of companies completes over $2.1 billion in sales annually and has more than 6,500 employees operating out of 40+ offices in North America.

Black & McDonald's founder W.J.McDonald's portrait
B&M historical service truck along with a B&M employee and an office building
B&M's project managers operating and maintaining an airport facility

Who We Are

From our humble start in 1921 as residential electrical wiring contractors, Black & McDonald has grown to multiple lines of business with over 6,500 employees working out of 40+ offices.

Black & McDonald's plaque with core values

Our Values

From the very beginning, W.J. McDonald had a vision of how he wanted the company to grow, and he established a Code of Business that guides our organization to this day.

B&M project engineers at a turbine base construction site discussing progress

Health, Safety & Environment

At Black & McDonald, excellence in Health, Safety and Environment is inherent in how we do business in all aspects of our operations.

Black & McDonald data and networking technician conducting an inspection and quality check


Quality has always been a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and services available.

B&M employees and their families at a CSR event planting trees

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Do it right” is a Black & McDonald core value, and that belief extends beyond project work into our interaction and integration with the communities and stakeholders we serve.

A fleet of service trucks from B&M's affiliate Entera Utility Contractors

Subsidiaries & Affiliates

The Black & McDonald family of companies includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries and affiliated companies across Canada and the United States.

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