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Energy &

As a sustainability-focused turnkey service provider, we are committed to leading our industry in the design and delivery of sustainable operational models.

To accomplish these goals, we have embedded energy conservation and sustainability best practices into all of Black & McDonald’s lines of business, where we apply those solutions to the everyday operations, projects and facilities of our customers.

As part of our integrated approach, we assess key factors such as resource consumption, asset performance and waste production trends, and provide our clients with customized solutions that reduce costs and environmental impacts over the long term.

Our turnkey approach encompasses a full suite of recommendations from selecting right-fit solutions to project management, installation and end-user engagement.

Our services support all aspects of smarter, more sustainable environments:

  • Energy
  • Asset Management
  • Technology and Internet of Things
  • Sustainability
  • Reporting

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Smart City Solutions

We believe in the power of smart technologies to improve the quality of life for communities across North America.

Our experience in a truly integrated project delivery model (design/build/operate/maintain) gives us an edge in understanding the interactions between citizen, technology, and built environment.

Our goal in integrating Smart City technologies is to respond more effectively and dynamically to the needs and desires of users while minimizing resource consumption and environmental impact. We have seen first-hand how Smart City building technologies and strategies reduce environmental impact and we are committed to harnessing the power of smart technologies to improve the quality of life for communities and people across North America.

Black & McDonald’s integrated team approach specializes in the use of the following Smart City building blocks.

Smart and Connected Buildings

Smarter environments will be enabled by structures with sensor networks that can monitor electricity and water usage in real time, track sustainability performance, and anticipate changes in a dynamic grid.

  • IoT-Integrated Solutions
  • Analytics and Adaptation
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Storage
  • Building Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Waste Management

Download our digital flyer about smart and connected buildings.


Smarter infrastructure will be vital to realizing the vision and goals of smart cities. With smart infrastructure in place, we can all make the move to a smarter system of energy distribution and energy management.

  • Smart Grids
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Energy Storage
  • Smart Street Lights
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

Download our digital flyer about Smart Infrastructure.

Mobility and Intelligent Transportation Systems

New smart technologies have the ability to improve the performance, usability, and safety of our transportation systems to the benefit of users, owners, and operators alike.

Today’s cities, municipalities and provincial road authorities face the significant challenge of managing higher than ever traffic volume, integrating multiple transportation systems and responding to the demands of increasingly engaged and informed users. To maximize transportation assets and infrastructure, while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of drivers, riders and pedestrians alike, the managers of roadways must look to innovative solutions available through new smart technologies and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Our ITS Services include:

  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) in partnership with Genetec
  • Adaptive Traffic Control Systems (ATCS) in Partnership with Rhythm Engineering
  • Intersection and Highway Management Using Radar Technology in Partnership with Smart Microwave Sensors
  • Wild Life Detection System in partnership with AUG Signals
  • Red Light Camera and Automated Speed Enforcement
  • High Mast and Street Lighting Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal Installation and Maintenance
  • Decorative Lighting Fixture Installation
  • Fixed and Portable Variable Message Signs
  • Loop Detectors
  • Airfield Lighting, Navigation and Landing Aids
  • Emergency Services and Storm Recovery Response Teams

Download our digital flyer about Mobility and Smart Transportation Systems.

Water Management

Clean water is an essential resource for all communities, workplaces, and homes. Smart technologies give us the tools to approach the responsibility of water conservation with the gravity it deserves:

  • Water Conservation
  • Smart Meters
  • Water Quality

Download our digital flyer about Water Conservation.


Smart cities come to life through the fast and reliable connection of link sensors and actuator networks to a unified platform. These networks provide city operators with immediate and constant feedback, enabling well-informed decisions and the timely delivery of services to citizens.

  • Small Cell Networks
  • Fibre

Download our digital flyer about Smart Network Solutions.

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