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Facility Executives Should Find Ways to End Reactive Maintenance for Good

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The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the importance of planning and taking proactive steps to ensure enterprises, institutions and governments keep serving society […]

Three Steps to Solving the Skills Gap Puzzle

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The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) has been studying the burgeoning skills gap since 2000. Even before COVID-19, the think tank estimated that Canada […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Long-Term Care Homes to Combat COVID-19

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Introduction In the past, the effects of outdoor air pollution on human health have been the primary area of public concern and government policy. […]

Stop Electrical Damage Before it Occurs with Thermal Imaging

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Thermography is a method of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment using specialized infrared cameras. By producing detailed images and temperature profiles of specific pieces […]

Facility Managers and reoccupying buildings that were shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic

Category: Facilities

Facility Managers play a crucial role in re-opening buildings closed during the COVID-19 crisis. Buildings that were not maintained, not effectively cleaned, and still […]

Planning for reoccupying post-COVID-19: The Facility Manager’s role

Category: Facilities

Canada and the world at large are in the midst of dealing with the unimaginable complexity of the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, […]

The trades: an exciting option for young people looking to start a career

Category: Skilled Trades

When it comes to finding skilled trades workers, you may be surprised to find out just how much in demand they really are. With […]

Innovation in wind energy construction helps meet growing demand across North America

Category: Green Energy

The drive to respond to our ever-growing energy needs and transform to a low carbon future has accelerated the move to more renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro in the power generation mix.

Leveraging data to improve quality of life

Category: Smart Cities

When people are talking about the smart city, what do they mean? What is it and what will it mean for property and facility managers.

Choosing the right facility services partner is key

Category: Facilities

Choosing the right partner is key to ensuring operational continuity.

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