Black & McDonald's Response to COVID19

Black & McDonald Response to COVID-19 from the CEOs

To our customers:

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the changes to public safety guidelines being issued by governmental health organizations are both rapidly evolving.

Black & McDonald is working hard to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the general public while at the same time delivering the services you have come to rely on.

Actions being taken to date include:

  • Formation of COVID-19 response teams both at the corporate and regional level
  • Daily monitoring of Health organization communications and quick adoption of directives
  • Regular communication and updates to all employees.
  • Increased hand and respiratory etiquette hygiene practices
  • Ensuring sick employees do not come to work
  • Increased environmental cleaning
  • Suspending all non-critical business travel
  • Isolating employees who return from personal travel to restricted countries
  • Suspending all company gatherings greater than 10 people
  • Expanding the group of employees who can work from home or remotely
  • Reducing the number of employees working together and implementing distancing practices
  • Respecting any additional requirements our clients may request

We are communicating with our suppliers and sub-contractors and have asked them to apply similar guidance to their employees visiting our offices or work sites.

An effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic is going to require unity of purpose and collaboration from all governments, institutions, companies and individual citizens.

Black & McDonald is committed to work in the best interests for all and to do its part in mitigating the pandemic.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your regular contact at Black & McDonald or send an email with your enquiry to and we will respond promptly.

Yours truly,

Ian & Bruce McDonald