Snapshot of a long term care home facility managed by Black & McDonald

Long-Term Care Facility Services

Our priority is to ensure that residents are cared for within a safe and healthy senior living environment. Our tailored solution ensures the operational integrity of your long-term care facility.

Turnkey Facility Services

Black & McDonald provides a wide array of facility services that manage all aspects of hard and soft services for your facility, from cleaning to all manner of heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems.

We can provide a case study analysis to better determine the cost efficiency and current health of your long-term care facility.

Consultative client review for long-term care homes and senior living facilities includes:

  • Facility Assessment & Equipment Upgrade Recommendations
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing & Analysis (review of ventilation systems)
  • Asset & Capital Planning
  • Energy Benchmarking & Monitoring
  • Vendor Cost Benchmarking & Analysis

Protecting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

With the impact of COVID-19, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become more important than ever to protect our seniors in long-term care homes.

Our facility professionals and certified technicians ensure that our long-term care clients are equipped and informed to mitigate the high risks of COVID-19 entering their facilities. We guide our clients in understanding how to implement the solutions that work to minimize these risks, and ultimately provide for better care and environment for our senior citizens.

With our extensive knowledge and experience gained from working across the country with numerous long-term care and senior living facilities, we understand how to provide the right building conditions for a healthy and safe environment, and we have the proven processes and methodology to deploy these solutions quickly.


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