Two B&M tradespersons installing a high speed fibre and small cell antennae network

High Speed
Fiber & Small Cell

Our engineering team approaches projects from the perspective of a utility contractor with an emphasis on producing constructible designs with few field changes.

Black & McDonald possesses an in depth understanding of engineering concepts, pole loading analyses, the National Electric Safety Code and electric utility construction practices, which yields cost effective solutions for even the most complex situations encountered in the field. Our engineering team has the capability to create designs directly in our customer’s asset management and mapping systems to streamline delivery. This unique skill set differentiates us from the competition.

Black & McDonald provides comprehensive engineering, construction and program management services to electric utilities, telecommunication companies and municipalities. Utilizing our knowledge of electrical infrastructure and telecommunication system design, our team assists customers in siting facilities to minimize the cost of integration while preserving the structural and operational integrity of the electric utility system. Using this approach, Black & McDonald has successfully supported the introduction of 5G technology by deploying large scale joint use programs and small cell antennae networks in major metropolitan areas across the United States. Our team has the following capabilities:

  • Feasibility Analysis of Fiber Routes
  • Field Data Collection
  • Joint Use Design
  • Pole Load Analyses
  • Construction Drawings
  • Siting of Small Cell Antennae
  • Power Source Optimization
  • Turnkey Construction Services
  • Long-Term Maintenance
  • System Commissioning

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