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You believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. That solutions should be made to last. That being part of a team means working not just for oneself but for one another. That’s how we operate too. At Black & McDonald, we’re on a mission to do work and build relationships that stand the test of time.

In keeping with this mission, we are committed to being an employer that enhances and enriches the lives of our employees by providing them access to diverse, high-quality projects and endless opportunities to leave their mark on an exciting industry.


Why Black & McDonald

A career at Black & McDonald will provide you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to an industry that’s making a positive difference in today’s community, and is building a bright future for generations to come.

Our values passed down by our founder have stood the test of time for almost 100 years, and they continue to make Black & McDonald employees feel like work is more than just about earning a living – it’s about feeling like home.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our employees have to say!


B&M Centennial Scholarships

Black & McDonald Centennial Scholarships logo

As part of our centennial celebrations and our commitment to our family of employees, we are pleased to launch our new B&M Centennial Scholarships.

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Our Employer Value Proposition

Pillar One: One Company with Endless Opportunities

At Black & McDonald, we choose to do meaningful work that literally transforms the world we live in. We’re constantly growing, and we depend on every member of our talented teams to get us there. We strive to provide our people with endless opportunities to learn, grow and leave their mark on an exciting industry. If you’re interested in steady, long-term access to high-quality projects across Canada, the U.S. and beyond, look no further.

Pillar Two: A Family Business with Family Values

Our people are the heart of our family-based business. At Black & McDonald, you will experience a connection to everyone, from your co-workers to your customers to the owners of the company – and can feel good knowing that respect, integrity and loyalty are the cornerstones of our culture. It’s our privilege to offer a workplace that empowers our people to be the best versions of themselves. Whether you’ve been with us for 20 years or it’s your second day on the job, you’re one of the family.

Pillar Three: Empowered People with Ambitious Goals

We support all our talented professionals and tradespeople with an entrepreneurial spirit to bring their innovative ideas to life. Have an interesting approach to our work? We want to hear about it. Looking for more responsibility? We’d love to provide it. Itching to take your career in a new direction? Make a strong case and let’s make it happen. We aim to empower our people to drive solutions and exceed stakeholder expectations. Shape your long-term career goals in any direction you choose – we’re behind you all the way.

Company Reviews

Entreprise très agréable et bien gérée. Standards professionnels et approche axée sur la formation et le perfectionnement dans tous les aspects de la construction et de l’entretien.

Chef de chantier, Tuyauterie – Mise au point d’unités de cokéfaction pour CNRL (ancien employé) – Fort McMurray (Alberta)

L’entreprise est très axée sur la clientèle et forme ses employés dans tous les aspects du développement de carrière. Très bons avantages sociaux et salaires. Excellent employeur.

Gestionnaire de projet, Rénovation de bâtiments de dégrillage (ancien employé) – Pickering (Ontario)

L’équipe de Black & McDonald ne fait pas que des promesses : elle se préoccupe vraiment de nous. Elle se soucie du perfectionnement de ses employés et demeure fidèle au code de conduite : « Un marché ne devrait être conclu que si les deux parties peuvent en bénéficier. »

GEI (employé actuel) – Vernon, C.-B.

Bonne entreprise, bons collègues de travail, de nombreuses occasions de croissance et une vraie reconnaissance du travail des employés.

Adjointe administrative (ancienne employée) – Toronto, ON

Une excellente entreprise qui encourage la progression de ses employés. J’aime beaucoup travailler ici. Si on montre notre intérêt, nos collègues de travail s’empressent de nous aider à acquérir de nouvelles compétences.

JR. Technicien en énergie solaire photovoltaïque (employé actuel) – Cayuga, ON

Black & McDonald est un excellent employeur : il y a un fort esprit d’équipe et tout le monde aide tout le monde. L’équipe encourage le perfectionnement personnel au sein de l’organisation sans mettre aucune pression sur les employés. L’entreprise offre plusieurs programmes qui encouragent les employés à s’exprimer (de manière anonyme s’ils le préfèrent) sur tout ce qui concerne leur milieu de travail.

Surintendant (employé actuel)